The exhibition presents artefacts of the spiritual and ritualistic life, such as figurines of goods and objects of rituals, of native peoples of regions we know little about, namely Australia and New Guinea.   
The name of Nicholas Roerich  (1874–1947), his creative  oeuvre  and social activism is famous throughout the whole world. His life at various stages was linked with several countries – with Russia, the USA, India and others. A particular place in the story of his life belongs to Latvia. The aim of this exhibition is to show the connection between a distinguished Russian artist and the country of his forefathers.
On 26 and 27 November 2015, the Art Museum “Riga Bourse” will be host to a practical workshop Building a digital strategy for museums, which will be run by digital expert Tijana Tasich from the UK. The workshop is especially intended for museum specialists from the Baltic states and Eastern Europe in order to offer ideas and solutions for the formation of a digital strategy.