13 757 visitors in the first month of The Art Museum Riga Bourse

27. September, 2011

The newly opened Art Museum Riga Bourse has interested
the public greatly. In the first month the number of visitors reached 13 757.

The Art Museum Riga Bourse (Doma laukums 6) was opened
to public on 22. August 2011 and since the first day the inhabitants and
visitors of Riga have shown their interest in the art exhibitions, educational
programmes, cultural events and have approved the museums place in the cultural map of Riga. Since the first month open the offered programmes, special interest and discussion clubs like “Terra incognita?”, “With cappuccino about
Italy”, where not only local lecturers but also foreign guests are invited to
participate. The performance of musicologist and opera singer from Rome Carlo Menardi on 13th of September had great success.

The Japanese national culture days had many interested
visitors for origami and tie-dye workshops. Now the museum is preparing for the concert of the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra from Beijing, China on 4th of October and choir concert of University of Santo Tomas from Manila, Philippines on 12th of October.

Concerts are organized together with “Latvijas koncerti” and the embassies of China and Philippines. It is the beginning of the musical life in
Riga Bourse.

During this month not only the inhabitants and guests of Riga but also the prime ministers of Baltic countries, guests of Riga
Conference, in Latvia resident and non-resident foreign ambassadors and honorary consuls in Latvia have shown their interest in and visited the museum,
helping to spread the word about the offers of the cultural life of Riga.
Museum has been visited by media representatives from Germany, the Netherlands, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey and France. In these countries the name of Art Museum Riga Bourse has been mentioned not only in the press, but also in
radio and television broadcasts and exclusive made stories.

Till December the Art Museum Riga Bourse has two international art exhibitions - “Glassstress Riga – Works from Berengo Studio” and
“Oriental Porcelain and the Netherlands. Interaction between East and West in the 17th century.” During Pilipino culture week artists Isabel Echevarria and Pierre Patricio are visiting the museum.

Their work will be put on display in an exclusive exhibition from 11th till 15th October. In year 2012 museum will offer a new exhibitions programme.

Head of Art Museum Riga Bourse Daiga Upeniece:
“Compliments from visitors that we received during this month are the most
beautiful gift from the public. We thank for that. Of course, there is a lot
that we need to improve, change in the museum. We are learning und discussing
together with our visitors. That is pleasing – we form a dialogue, what we
wanted to do some time before opening the museum.”

The opening hours are every day from 10:00-18:00,
Fridays 10:00-20:00, Mondays -closed.