Far Eastern cultural days

10. October, 2011

From 4th till 14th October the Art Museum Riga Bourse hosts Far East cultural days, during what will Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra from China perform, the works of Philippine artists

Pierre Patricio and Isabel Echevarria will be exhibitioned and the audience will be delighted by the performance of the choir from University of Santo Tomas, Philippines.


Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra from China will perform on 4th   October at 19:30 in the Art Museum Riga Bourse.

The Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra (FCCO) is composed of 11 musicians who play contemporary Chinese music with instruments traditional to folk music.

The Orchestra was established by pipa player Yang Jing and ten virtuosos, who graduated prestigious China Conservatory of Music. The orchestra
repertoire consists of compositions that combine folk music with 21.century music creating new sound of contemporary Chinese music.

Mass media writes that the orchestra “has Chinese ancient music special elegance and in now days rarely found classic
glamour” and “that is the way how premium class music is getting closer to everyday listener”.

After the orchestra performed in March in New Zealand, the newspaper “New Zealand Herald” published Oakland composer and music critic William Dart review,
where he wrote “Vast surges of sound take the breath away and sometimes the energised bustle would rival that of a Balkan dance party. For those who
associate contemporary Chinese music with a few too many trips on the Yellow River in a concerto sampan, this music is a welcome corrective.”

The Orchestra has participated in many important national events and international music festivals in Brisbane, Canberra, Wellington, Christchurch,
Dunedin and Oakland.

Tickets can be bought in advance in the box offices of “Biļešu paradīze” and at the venue before the concert. Prices are LVL 15.00, for pupils, students
and seniors LVL 7.50. The number of tickets is limited.

During the concert break (30 minutes long) the visitors will have the opportunity to see the exhibition “Oriental Porcelain and the Netherlands”.

The exhibition of Philippine artists Pierre Patricio
an Isabel Echevarria in the Art Museum Riga Bourse will be from 12
th till 15th October.

Isabel Echevarria graduate Bachelor of Arts in Modern Humanities and already 30 years is professional artist with numerous exhibitions
in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States. A 2004 Orensanz awardee, she constantly participates in various shows in mainstream
galleries of Manhattan, Washington and Miami.

In artist’s work reflects the fusion of her Asian culture and her Spanish heritage. An artist-in-residence
of Gran Canaria since 2004, she is fascinated by the similarities and differences of the culture of both archipelagos.

Isabel Echevarria has a talent to portraying an emotion of a precise moment, reliving her impressions in the eyes of the viewer. She is recognized artistically in Manila since
1981, her works are included in contemporary art heritage of Philippines, also published in several books about Contemporary Philippines Art.

Isabel Echevarria has exhibited in Europe and South America. Her exhibition in London artist admits as particularly important. Currently her shows in Miami and New York are being
planned. Her portraits hang in several museums and state offices in Philippines and Spain. Her oils are found in private collections in Asia, the Middle East, the Unites States and Europe.


Philippines artist Pierre Patricio has successfully exhibited both internationally and inhis home country. He portrays light and life using bright colors in his paintings.

Patricio inspired from nature and people of Panaji region, especially Iloilo people. The impressions from artist’s trips are also visible in his painting.

Pierre Patricio presents himself as a Philippine artist and highlight patriotism in his paintings. Usually Pierre F. Patricio paints
objects in traditional style, but recently his painting style varies from cubism to abstract touches.

Patricio was born ir Capiz. He has studied figurative drawing at the American Hellenic Union in Athens, Greece.

He has designed several landmark sculptures in Berlin, Germany, better known as the Buddy Bears which were developed by Eva and Klaus Herlitz, UNICEF and another
international organizations for child safety.

He represented the Philippines with sculpture “Philippines eagle”.

He has exhibited in Athens, Hamburg, Manila, Roxas City, Iloilo City, Cologne, Berlin, Brussels, Tuscany, Potsdam and Bad
Homburg. Artist with his family lives in Ireland.

The choir of the University of Santo Tomas will perform in the
atrium of The Art Museum Riga Bourse on 12
th October at 19:00

The choir of University of Santo Tomas was founded in 1992 in Royal University of Santo Tomas, the oldest university in Asia.

The Choir was established by Prof. Fidel G. Calalang Jr., and it is mixed choral ensemble composed of a group of students representing the different faculties. The UST Singers have put
together a repertoire of exceptional interpretations that cover significant parts of the choral literature of the last centuries.

Since 1993, the choir has earned a lot of top prizes and have listeners in many countries – Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium,
Denmark, United Kingdom, Italia, Spain and another countries. In 2010 choir received the grand prize - Choir of the World  2010.

Tickets can be bought in advance in the box office of Art Museum.

Prices are LVL 5.00, for pupils, students and seniors LVL 3.00. The number
of tickets is limited.

Far Easter days were created in collaboration with The Philippine
Embassy in Stockholm and The Philippine Honorary Consul in Latvia.